Best of Wives and Best of Women

In the final letter he wrote to his wife, Alexander Hamilton refers to her as, “best of wives and best of women.” I hate to call a founding father and American hero wrong, but I have found one even better. In proverbs 31 we can find the words, “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” Let me just say, the sum of my wife’s worth is far greater than any amount of wealth in this world. She is an example to all women and a blessing to anyone who meets her. Today is Lauren’s birthday, and I dedicate this blog to her.

1.Lauren is an excellent pastor’s wife. 

Behind every great pastor is an even better pastor’s wife. I have heard that phrase several times in my life, but now that I am in the midst of it, I see its truth all the more. Even before I was married, I spent much of my life watching my Grammy, and in my humble, biased, but accurate opinion, she is the best pastor’s wife that there ever was. In fact, the most important book in my library is The View of the Pastorate From a Pastor’s Wife, a book that my Grammy wrote for me when I began pastoring. I now have the privilege of being married to a woman who is following in her example. From both of them I have learned a valuable lesson; the importance of the pastor’s wife cannot be overstated!

It’s kind of like the turtle on the fence post, when you see him perched up there, you don’t think, “Wow! What a capable turtle,” but rather you think, “How did he get up there?” There has to be someone else involved for a turtle to accomplish that which he could never do alone. This is the case with the pastor and his wife. If ever I have success in ministry, rest assured that this turtle was put on that post, and the beautiful woman I call my wife had a lot to do with it.

2.  Lauren is an excellent mother.

When Wyatt was born, both Lauren and I had a steep learning curve. We had never experienced parenthood, and now this little life depended upon us for his very existence. Let’s just say that one of us fell a little behind while the other excelled beyond expectation. I couldn’t even put the diaper on correctly, but for some reason, Lauren parents like she has been doing so her whole life. I remember in the hospital, the doctors and nurses had to ask her several times, “Are you sure this is your first baby?” Her ability to care for our precious son amazed the entire hospital staff, she moved into motherhood with ease.

Every day I am witness to the miracle that is motherhood and it fills my soul with joy. I miss my mother terribly, and think of her often, but seeing my wife as she is mother to my son, brings me immense comfort like I have never found. If only Wyatt knew just how blessed he really is!

3. Lauren is an excellent woman.

The world is a better place because my wife is in it. I know that may seem slightly arrogant, but it is very much true. She simply adds value everywhere she goes. When she walks in the room, you can feel the tone of the room shift upward. Things are just different when Lauren is around. It is safe to say that people just cannot help but love Lauren.

She has recently taken a group of girls who are participating in the same ministry training program as me under her wing. She meets with them once a week to do a bible study in the neighborhood where we all live. Even before that, I saw these girls as they interacted with her. There is just something different about the way they look at her; they respect her.  One girl  even said she wanted to be Lauren when she grew up. Lauren is not just doing a bible study with these girls, she is adding value to our neighborhood and adding value to the experience these girls are having in this program. This happens everywhere we go, because Lauren is a great woman.

Lauren means so much more to me than words can express, and she will forever be the object of my hearts affection. I am greatly and undeservingly blessed to be married to such a woman. Lauren, you are the greatest of mothers, the greatest of wives, and the greatest of all women. Happy Birthday, I love you!

Forever Faithful,

Brayden L. Buss




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