Salvation (A Poem)

I am not the most creative, artistic person in the world, but I do respect the value of art to speak beyond what words can express. The use of song, poetry, and even story can speak directly to a person’s heart. It is significant that so much of the Bible is dedicated to poetry. I see tremendous value in the use of song and poetry in sermons. Maybe preaching 3 point with a poem sermons isn’t such a bad idea!

Every great once in a while I get the desire to write something that is just a little more creative. I have written both songs and poems in the past, but I do not consider my ability in these disciplines to be of any great worth. I am however committed to it, partly because I enjoy it, but mostly because I know how powerful it can be in communication. I recently discovered the great Francis Thompson poem The Hound of Heaven, and it inspired me to reflect on my own salvation. In doing so, I wrote this poem.

I’m Saved

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

I once was lost, but now I’m found

These words to me so sweet so true

Where would I be if not for You


A life so young could wander far

With paths to shame and wounds that scar

But you o God did not leave me be

Despite my sin gave victory


You sought me out with endless love

Abandoned what you had above

On every nail the hammer rings,

The Cross is the salvation that He brings


Nothing did I do to earn

There’s not enough that I could learn

He called to me with grace so strong

He’s chosen me despite my wrong


The message to my heart did cut

And I could feel it deep in my gut

The call’s effect on me was made

Now I’m saved, I’m saved, I’m saved!



2 comments on “Salvation (A Poem)

  1. Myrna Fielder says:

    Love love it. That is the testimony of every believer.

  2. Jayme says:

    Beautiful, true words, Brayden. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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