Bumper Sticker Theology

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a very inspiring bumper sticker? I have seen a few, and it scares me a little. They usually include one of two things; a scripture used out of context, or an inspiring quote that is treated as if it were scripture. This shallowness goes beyond the rear end of a car, it can be seen on t-shirts, bracelets, and even church signs. The worst part about this theology is it encourages bumper sticker faith. It seems inconsistent to desire deep faith relationships with God yet only study shallow bumper sticker theology. We ought to be discussing the complex issues in theology. Of course we should do so in a way that produces unity rather than conflict. If we continue to wrestle with these issues they will constantly be on our minds causing us to draw closer and closer to Him. This is true because difficult questions require diligent study.


Church Family and Family Church

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. I just got married to a beautiful, loving young woman, and we now have two dogs. My wife and I are classified as family, but what about the dogs? That may seem silly, but the point is family isn’t so easy to define. Should we include close friends, because many times people have friends living with them. It gets even more complicated in the church setting. Healthy churches reach families, it provides stability and future resources. However, with the family structure changing our methods must change as well. Churches can no longer do things the way we have always done it. Even TV commercials have changed their approach. They may show a stay at home dad, which is contrary to the old way of only showing mothers in cleaning commercials. So why does the church keep our methods the same. I’m not saying that we should accept sinful relationships in any of their forms, whether heterosexual or homosexual, but I am saying that if we are going to disciple the modern family we are going to have to be open to new ideas.